Incoming freshmen move in at Alcorn State University

Carley Wright, a Nashville, Tennessee native and psychology major, comes from a spiritual background, so it is natural that she would turn to meditation when considering what college to attend. After seeking guidance from up above, she was led to continue her family’s tradition and attend Alcorn State University.

“I prayed about where I should attend college, and my savior sent me here,” said Carley, who is a third generation Alcornite. “I’m looking forward to making connections with so many students here. I’m also looking forward to branching out and becoming the leader that I believe I’m meant to be. I’m expecting a totally different experience from high school.”

Carley’s mother, Carnethia Wright, expressed pride in sending her daughter off to college. She encourages her to follow her heart and remember her priorities in order to become a great student.

“I’m really excited for her, and I’m proud,” said Ms. Wright. “If she keeps her eyes focused on our savior, then I believe that he’ll lead her to the right relationships and organizations. Other than that, I want her to have fun, stay focused and achieve greatness.”

Hundreds of families flooded Alcorn’s campus Friday, Aug. 18 to help their children move into their dorms. Alcorn faculty, staff and student leaders were present to assist students on the first day of their collegiate path.

Howard Moak, a Franklin County, Mississippi native and biology major, is excited to continue his education at Alcorn. He is confident that the University is the perfect place for his maturation.

“Alcorn is the best school that I could have come to,” said Howard. “Starting college, for me, is the first step toward approaching life on my own. I’m very comfortable here.”

Like most mothers, Trina Wilborne was filled with emotions while witnessing her son enter a new phase in his life. She expressed pride in him, and encouraged him to make the most of his opportunity.

“It’s certainly not the easiest thing to do, but as some point, I have to let him go and be independent,” said Ms. Wilborne. “I want him to study hard and work toward reaching his goals.”

For Autra’Naja Tennessee, a Ferriday, Louisiana native and criminal justice major, attending Alcorn is a dream come true.

“Alcorn has always been my favorite HBCU,” said Autra’Naja. “Alcorn is close to my hometown, and I love that the campus is located in a rural area. I look forward to challenging myself.”

Her mother, Shannon Tennessee, made it clear to her daughter that avoiding distractions is important.

“I’ve always told her to stay away from activities that would hinder her from staying focused on her education,” said Ms. Tennessee.

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