Shannon Giscombe earns three scholarships and completes internship at Sanderson Farms Production Plant

Alcorn State University sophomore Shannon Giscombe is wrapping up her summer vacation on a high note.

The agriculture economics major solidified three scholarships in order to eliminate financial worries during her college journey. Shannon earned the Alcorn Provost Scholar Scholarship, the Southern AgCredit Scholarship and the Farm Credit Bank of Texas Scholarship.

Shannon sees the scholarships as an advantage that will help her matriculate through college without worrying about finances.

“My scholarships will make my college matriculation a smooth one in many ways besides tuition,” said Shannon. “Having to pay for housing, food and books can be difficult, so achieving money to take care of all of my needs is a blessing.”

Becoming a recipient of the scholarships gives Shannon the determination to keep striving for the best as a student.

“They remind me that without them, education would be a struggle. It is a constant reminder that I should make the most of my educational opportunities to better myself and build my character. I have to maintain a particular grade point average and stay in school to keep these scholarships. I am very determined, and these scholarships help me to stay focused.”

Aside from earning scholarships, Shannon got a closer look into the agricultural field by becoming an intern at the Sanderson Farms Production Plant in Magnolia, Mississippi this summer.

“My experience was exceptional. It was educational and hands-on. It was great to have my supervisors commend my co-workers and I at the end of the internship. I loved the environment and the people I worked with.”

Shannon believes that getting a head start on internships will enhance her agricultural knowledge while helping her identify which route she would like to take in her career.

“I think it says to my future employers that I am willing to work. It is an early start on building my reputation and making my resume look good. With three more years to go in college, I will have a chance to intern in other areas associated with my degree. This will help me to define what area I may build my interest in.”

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