Tutoring services offered to students in the Department of Human Sciences

Tutoring sessions are now available to students in Alcorn State University’s Department of Human Sciences Monday-Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Eunice Powell Building Research Suit, located on the second floor. The sessions will be available until Friday, Dec. 8. LaTasha Coleman will provide the tutoring services.

Coleman, who also serves as a toddler teacher in the department’s Child Development Laboratory Center, encourages students who are human science majors to take advantage of her tutoring sessions so that they can learn lessons that would help them inside the classroom and beyond.

“We want to let the students know that we care and we’re there for them,” Coleman said. “We want to give students the best exposure so that they will be able to do their research and use specific data basis for class projects and real world situations.”

Aerika Lott, human sciences major, is one of the students who has benefitted from Coleman’s tutoring sessions. She said that Coleman does a great job at explaining things in a way that’s clearer to her.

“I really appreciate how she breaks down broad statements in a way that makes sense to us,” Aerika said. “Once she starts to teach us by using examples to specific scenarios, then we’re able to process it better. I was so glad to find out about her tutoring services.”

For more information about tutoring services, contact Coleman at (601) 877-3967 or [email protected].