New Recreational Vehicle Park at Alcorn to open Saturday

The new Recreational Vehicle (RV) Park at Alcorn State University is completed, and will be available for use during Saturday’s home contest against McNeese State.

A list of RV Park rules and regulations are listed on the University website. The rules address several areas including parking guidance, fire lane safety, park upkeep and much more.

President Alfred Rankins Jr. looks forward to better accommodating Braves fans who will utilize the RV Park.

“We are excited to announce the completion and opening of the new university RV Park. This is another encouraging step forward in our ongoing efforts to provide a quality campus and game day experience to our RV patrons and all Braves fans,” said Rankins.

Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Derek Horne is confident that the upgrades made to the RV area will impress Braves fans while enhancing their experience.

“With several new amenities to offer, the new RV Park will greatly enhance the game days for RV users because it will provide them with a more comfortable and convenient location dedicated to their unique experience,” said Horne.

Director of Business Operations and Special Events Shundera Stallings assures prospective park users that game day support staff will be on hand to tend to their needs while on campus.

“Alcorn personnel and police will be on hand to ensure that all RV users are assisted when needed. We want to ensure that everyone enjoys their park experience within the guidelines of the university,” said Stallings.

To view the complete list of RV Park rules and regulations, visit RV Rules & Regulations.