Alcorn employees sharpen leadership skills during Lunch & Learn Training

On Wednesday, Sept. 13, Dr. Wanda Fleming led the Office of Human Resources’ Lunch & Learn Training session for Alcorn State University’s faculty and staff. The theme of the training was team building. Her main goal for the session was to encourage everyone to understand their role in their departments.

“Similar to players on an athletic team, everyone has a role to play,” said Fleming. “The only way that a team wins is that everyone recognizes what their role is and performs to their best ability,” Fleming said.

Fleming, along with her staff, felt very excited about the outcome of the event. They were encouraged by how the training session was received by its participants.

“My co-workers and I are very excited about the program and future professional development programs. I think this is a good opportunity for us to boost morale at the university.”

After the session, Fleming assigned the participants to display what they had learned in several team-building activities. The activities were designed for the employees to show how impactful working as a team can be.

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