Shantoni Holbrook shines bright as a cast member on Fuse’s “Big Freedia”

A passion for dancing has landed one Alcorn State University alumnus on a popular reality television show.

Shantoni Holbrook, a McComb, Mississippi native who earned a bachelor’s degree in biology in 2014, is a dancer and one of the cast member’s on Fuse’s “Big Freedia,” which airs every Tuesday at 9 p.m. CST on the network.

Holbrook describes his experience on the show as a dream come true. He appreciates having a platform to live his dream of being a professional dancer.

“My experience has been incredible,” said Holbrook. “I just wanted to dance and it got me on television. I’ve learned that you’re really representing where you came from. I’ve learned to just let my natural self show, and people will feel that energy and connect with you.”

Before becoming a famous reality television star, Big Freedia became a staple in his hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana and the music world for his contributions to popularizing bounce music. Being a fan of the show’s main character is a plus for Holbrook.

“I’m such a fan. I’ve watched Freedia grow. I absolutely adore and respect Freedia’s hustle. Freedia is so unapologetic, and I find that similarity in myself. I share some of the same experiences as Freedia. I knew that dancing for Freedia would allow me to just be myself.”

Now that Holbrook is on his way to prominence, he encourages others to be relentless in chasing their dreams.

“I want young guys and girls to know that their dreams can one day become a reality. You have to really commit to your dreams by all means. You will lose sleep, you will be exhausted and you will want to give up. You have to see the other side and want it so bad that nothing can stop you. There are no excuses when it comes to achieving your dreams.”

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