Schreiber Foods Inc. Hosts 2017 Talent Recruitment Sessions

On Oct. 24-25, 2017, a two-part talent recruitment event was held in the Ray Johnson Assembly Center of the Alcorn State University Extension and Research Complex. Students from both the Schools of Agriculture and Applied Sciences and Business, were invited to learn about opportunities for a 2018 summer internship with Schreiber Foods, Inc.

During the sessions, Derius “D.J.” Daniels, human resources manager, and Jenai Gray, consumer insights analyst, both of Schreiber Foods, spoke about the history of the company, it’s various divisions, and national food and health trends. They also discussed career growth with the company, quarterly incentives and profit sharing.

According to Daniels, “Schreiber Foods is a $6 billion dollar dairy company. We have a partnership with Alcorn State to assign students for summer internships in our manufacturing facilities, as well as our corporate offices in Green Bay, WI. As an intern, students will work in a dairy plant for one of our four main categories: processed cheese, natural cheese, cream cheese or yogurt. They’ll be exposed to what it takes to run a facility: leading, guiding, motivating employees, sitting in on performance reviews and looking at forecasted sales opportunities for the facility.”

Students had the opportunity to ask questions and were briefed, via an informational video, about the various experiences available. Afterwards, interested students were scheduled for in-person interviews.

According to Donald “Don” Smith, development officer, School of Agriculture and Applied Sciences, this event is the result of a partnership formed in 2016 between Alcorn State University and Schreiber Foods, Inc. for mutual benefit.

“Our goal is provide students with employment opportunities and work experience through Schreiber, a Fortune 500 Company,” he said. “In doing so we assist Schreiber with their initiative to employ a talented, diverse workforce.”

Daniels concurred.

“Schreiber is looking to increase the diversity footprint within our organization,” he said. “From experience, we know that partnering with schools with strong agricultural backgrounds, which offer curriculum in food science or animal science, produces candidates that are successful in our organization. Because our plants are in rural locations, and Alcorn is a rural school, it’s easy for students to transition. Alcorn’s background is conducive to effective learning in our organization.”

According to Daye Dearing, Coordinator of Internships, School of Business, partnerships and events such as this are critical for student success.

“Students have an opportunity to broaden their knowledge of the workforce and to be exposed to the professional opportunities that are available to them. An internship allows for immediate, direct exposure. Students are able take what they’re studying in the classroom and apply it. Even if they don’t become employed with their internship company after graduation, the experience is great for resume building, career development and expanding their knowledge base.”

After a face-to-face interview, and an evaluation of each applicant, successful candidates will receive a follow-up telephone interview and be offered the opportunity to serve as a paid, summer-only intern with Schreiber. In addition, they’ll receive a monthly stipend, and a $2000 post-internship scholarship.

Schreiber is interested in recruiting graduates for full-time positions as well. “Those set to graduate in December, or May, can apply by visiting our website,” Daniels said. According to Smith, the company will return in February 2018 for a formal graduate recruiting event.

For more details, contact Smith at 601.877.6526 or [email protected]. For more info about Schreiber, visit

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