Rodrick Patterson reflects on being a mentor to the youth

Being a role model is something that Rodrick Patterson has learned to embrace over the course of his time at Alcorn State University. As he prepared to receive a bachelor’s degree in agriculture at Alcorn’s 2017 Fall Commencement Friday, Dec. 8, he reflected on his days of spreading awareness to the younger generation.

“As a student leader and member of the military, I have to set a good example for others,” said Patterson. “I am committed to today’s youth. My goal is to encourage other young boys and girls to be successful. All youth need inspiration, and my role is to inspire them to chase their dreams.”

During his senior year, Patterson spent a significant amount of time traveling to Adams, Claiborne, Franklin and Jefferson counties to spread positivity to the communities’ youth. He credits his partnership with teachers and principals in the area for guiding him on his journey.

“With their leadership, I have established a flourishing youth mentorship, personal drive and passion for giving back and engaging within Alcorn’s neighboring communities.”

Patterson’s advice ranges from self-awareness to being a good leader.

“I often tell them to always work hard, practice self-discipline, remain strong-minded student leaders and always make a good first impression.

Alcorn is a place that Patterson feels has taught him valuable lessons that will help sustain him throughout his life.

“The most important things I’ve learned from Alcorn are to remain loyal, honest, considerate and continue to be a supportive person who can see and understand points of view from other people. I apply these traits to my life everyday by staying focused, seeking scholarship, remaining diligent and exemplifying good character.”