Alcorn’s Army ROTC gears up for Fitness Challenge, STEM Van Experience

Is getting in better shape one of your goals for 2018? Do you aspire to pursue a career in science or technology? Either way, Alcorn State University’s Department of Military Science has you covered with their upcoming campus event.

Alcorn’s Army ROTC will host their annual Fitness Challenge & STEM Van Experience Wednesday, Jan. 17. The STEM Van will be parked next to the Alcorn State University Bookstore and the Fitness Challenge will take place at the park next to the bookstore.

Participants will have the change to challenge some of the university’s most athletic ROTC cadets in various exercises. Greg Trotnic, Army ROTC recruiter for Alcorn, goes in depth about the physical activities and overall purpose of the fitness portion of the event.

“The fitness activities will include pull-ups, sit-ups and a shuttle run,” said Trotnic. “The fitness challenge will promote healthy lifestyle choices.”

Also, students will get a chance to engage in a mock military mission that will require their critical thinking skills. Trotnic believes that the STEM Van Experience will be a solid tool for introducing students to STEM careers.

 “The STEM van will introduce students to careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The STEM experience includes a series of three rooms: the situation room, briefing room and control room. Students will be surrounded by flat panel screens showing fictional conflicts from around Europe. The intent is for the students to develop a plan of action to respond to the European conflict.”

For more information about the Army ROTC Fitness Challenge & STEM Van Experience, contact Trotnic at (601) 877-6443 or via email at [email protected]