President Rankins and national alumni partner to launch $1 Million fundraising initiative

Alcorn State University President Alfred Rankins Jr. is calling on all alumni to support the university’s first ever one-million-dollar fundraising initiative that would propel students on their way to educational success.

The president announced the $1 Million Brave Strong Challenge Friday, Feb. 23 during the annual Mid-Winter Conference in Tupelo, Mississippi. The purpose of the initiative is to provide Alcorn with flexibility to fund scholarships, assist academic programs, acquire new technology, fund athletics and much more.

The goal of the campaign is to raise an additional $1 Million this year.  The university is encouraging at least 1,000 alumni to make a generous contribution of $1,000 to the Alcorn Foundation, Inc. by Dec. 31, 2018. For as little as $83.33 per month for 12 months, a significant impact can be made on the university’s ability to provide students with the tools they need to elevate to new heights.

Rankins believes that collective support from Alcorn alumni will generate more opportunities for the University and its students.

“Together, Alcorn alumni hold an immense amount of power, and if that power is used to delegate funds to the university, the success of the students and university will be inevitable,” said Rankins. “Your generosity now can create invaluable avenues that will surely lead to the growth and success of our students.”

Neddie Winters, president of Alcorn’s National Alumni Association, stresses the significance and importance of this campaign and encourages fellow alumni to assist the University financially.

“This is our opportunity to truly show that we believe in and support our students and university,” said Winters. “Let us come together as Alcorn alumni to support our alma mater and its wonderful students because they are our future.”

Sheila Rushing Jackson, who earned a bachelor’s degree from Alcorn in 1986 and proudly watched her son, Alexander Jackson, graduate from the University in 2017, understands why alumni funding is vital in the lives of students.

“The development and success of Alcorn’s students are very important to me,” said Jackson. “I am excited the president and national alumni are spearheading this one-million-dollar campaign. I choose to donate without hesitation because I want to see the next generation of Alcornites flourish in their various fields.”

Alumni and friends are requested to join in on creating the bridge to the triumphs of Alcorn’s students by visiting Your assistance is the key to our success.