Alcorn, USDA joins forces for Extension Awareness Day

The United States Department of Agriculture, in conjunction with the Alcorn State University Extension Program, will be hosting USDA & Alcorn Extension Awareness Day. The event will be held Tuesday, March 20 at 5:30 p.m. at the Claiborne County Multipurpose Center, located at 1703 Bridewell Lane in Port Gibson, Mississippi.

The purpose of the workshop is to expose and inform farmers about USDA and Alcorn Extension programs.  Kelvin T. King, area agriculture educator at Alcorn, explained why it is beneficial for farmers to attend awareness day.

“By attending the workshop, farmers will learn about USDA programs that will increase their farm’s revenue and assistance that Alcorn provides. USDA and Alcorn Extension also provide informational materials on different farm practices that can be used.”

The event will also give farmers knowledge and educate them to participant in these programs. They will gain this knowledge using learning tools and hands-on experience with different farm techniques. Students are welcome to attend this event.

To learn more information about USDA and Alcorn Extension Awareness Day, farmers can contact Kelvin King at (601) 437-5011 or [email protected].