Award inspires Dillon West to strengthen his brand

New achievements prove that the success of one Alcorn State University alumnus continues to grow.

Dillon West, a Natchez, Mississippi native who earned a bachelor's degree in mass communications from Alcorn in 2017 won the R&B Announcer of the Year Award at the 44th annual Jackson Music Awards Monday, July 30. West is proud of claiming the award after his first nomination.

"Being nominated for the first time and winning gave me an overwhelming feeling," said West. "Going into the award show, I knew that the other nominees had more experience in the industry than me. I kept a positive attitude and came out a winner despite the challenges. I was able to represent myself, Natchez, and Alcorn very well."

Early achievements assure West of a prominent career in the future.

"This award has boosted my confidence. After being on air for the past four years, and now being able to say that I have accomplished what others have at such a young age, makes me even more confident."

Winning the award is only part of West's early success in media. His company, Dillon West Productions LLC, has seen a significant rise in customers since its inception last year. West reflects on his humble beginnings and is proud of its growth.

"I've seen huge growth in my company since last year. A year ago, only a few people knew about my company, and at times, I would go for weeks, if not months without clients. Now, more people know about my company, and I am receiving calls for bookings more frequently." 

Despite the company's growth, West still pursues guidance from seasoned communications professionals on how to make his brand more powerful. He said that talking to these professionals have played a vital role in his success. 

"I've taken time to network more. Networking is essential for anyone trying to succeed in whatever goal. I continue to venture out to people that are more experienced so that I can get advice on how to better my company's services."

West plans to keep the company's momentum going strong by securing clients outside of his hometown.

"My goal is to expand services outside of Natchez, increase my clientele, get better equipment, and share my story with others." 

For more information about Dillon West Productions LLC, contact West at 601-597-9648 or his manager, Helen Jackson at 601-807-6123.