Erika Wheeler crowned Miss Black Warren County 2018

A senior at Alcorn State University now has a platform that allows her to serve her community.

Erika Wheeler, a music education major and Vicksburg, Mississippi native was crowned Miss Black Warren County 2018 during a crowning ceremony Saturday, July 20 at The Anthony in Vicksburg. Wheeler's selection makes her eligible to compete in the 2019 Miss Black Mississippi Pageant. Wheeler was also awarded a $500 sponsorship from the city of Vicksburg.

Taking on the new task has been an enjoyable experience for Wheeler. The crown gives her charitable and leadership opportunities that she's eager to pursue.

"It has been a fascinating experience to be a woman of color upholding a title and being able to inspire so many children whose eyes light up when they see a real crown," said Wheeler. "Being able to take part in my community, serve, lead, and encourage others has made my summer and this position worthwhile."

Music is Wheeler's passion. Her goal is to implement learning by way of music into the curriculum of young students in her community.

"I plan to start working in the school system with daycare and elementary students. I believe that music is vital to the learning process, so I plan to play a role in ensuring that nursery rhymes and extracurricular activities involving music are implemented into everyday learning."

Wheeler's platform theme, "In Perfect Harmony" is a reflection of her love for music and the atmosphere in her hometown.

"I thought about the many variations of music. It comes in so many forms, sounds, and feels. However, we as people can listen and gain something from music. Harmony means the combination or arrangement of simultaneous sounds that come together to form a pleasing effect. Harmony describes my community through the effects and advances of music."

In the future, Wheeler plans to provide more recreational activities that focus on music.