Alexis Crockett’s study abroad experience in Spain broadens her horizons

To make the most of her final year at Alcorn State University, Alexis Crockett aspired to do something different. She wanted to travel abroad.

So Crockett, who is hours away from earning a bachelor's degree in biology/pre-medicine, decided to study at the University of Salamanca in Salamanca, Spain during the first semester of her senior year. During her stay, she enrolled in the medical and health program, which offered courses such as genetics, bioethics, health communications, and molecular and cellular basis of disease.

From her first day at Alcorn, Crockett had plans of studying internationally, but her goal was to complete all of her core classes first, which would allow her to only focus on getting the best experience possible. She stayed focused and accomplished her goal.

"It was important for me to study abroad my senior year because I wanted to wait until I had completed all of my important classes," said Crockett.

Because of her future aspirations, Crockett found it necessary to take advantage of the opportunity. She feels the classes she took will equip her with social skills that will help her in the medical field.

"As a future physician, meeting and adapting to new personalities and lifestyles will be a part of my career daily. The experience allowed me to become familiar with another culture and to be open to things outside of my comfort zone."

Aside from her studies, Crockett toured other parts of Europe that included Paris, Amsterdam, and Bilbao. She was able to immerse herself into the culture wholeheartedly.

"I enjoyed seeing the importance of family time here. Families take time to have dinner together; I thought that was great. I was intrigued by how many people walked or bicycled as their main forms of transportation."

The people in Spain welcomed her with open arms, which is something that Crockett appreciated. She believes that more minorities should experience life in a culture different from their own.

"I believe more minorities should study abroad because many of us understand the experience of being black in America, but many of us do not know that overseas, we viewed as only American. It was very eye-opening to see how accepted I was. I never felt out of place."

Now that Crockett has completed her studies at Alcorn, she can now leave knowing that she fulfilled her purpose while inspiring her peers simultaneously.

"It feels amazing to finish my journey at Alcorn. It went by so fast, but I believe I have accomplished many goals while also inspiring future students."

In the fall, Crockett will continue her studies at American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine in Sint Maarten.