Heaven on Earth: Alcorn crowns Lady Jakhia Gray as the 93rd Miss Alcorn State University during coronation ceremony

Alcorn State University officially crowned its campus queen during the 2019 Homecoming Coronation ceremony.

Jakhia Gray was crowned the 93rd Miss Alcorn State University Thursday, Oct. 10 in the Davey L. Whitney HPER Complex. Supporters from across the university and beyond came out to celebrate Gray as she formally took on the mantle as a key student body leader.

The journey to becoming Miss Alcorn has given Gray some of her finest moments as a college student. During her crowning moment, she took time to reflect on the journey and appreciate her once in a lifetime experience.

“I feel tremendously blessed to have made it this far on my journey,” said Gray. “I’m still grasping the fact that I am officially the new Miss Alcorn State University. It’s has been a surreal experience. I look forward to serving the university.”

Being the head advocate for the student body has taught Gray the significance of constructive criticism. She credits advice from others as the force behind her growth as a leader.

“I’ve learned the value of constructive criticism. Sometimes, people don’t mean any harm; they’re genuinely trying to help. Applying the advice of others has motivated me to enhance my leadership efforts by attending executive board meetings and giving my opinion on things pertaining to the betterment of Alcorn. I feel that constructive criticism has allowed me to blossom as a leader.”

Gray is aware that others are looking at her as a role model. She takes her position seriously, which is why she strives to be a positive example for her peers and others who aspire to be student leaders.

“My goal is to lead by example. I want to inspire my peers to always chase their dreams and do their best. I want my fellow Alcornites to make the best decisions for them. I hope to aspire future student body leaders to be prepared for whatever task is at hand and to earn the trust of their peers by being a dependable leader. It’s also important to be accessible and to empower others to achieve success.”

The impact that Gray has had on others is a testament to her dedication to those she serves. Being a positive light in the community is why she cherishes her position.

“I’ve enjoyed seeing the impact that I have made on others. Going out and listening to people tell me how much I inspire them has been one of many highlights for me. The opportunity to help others on and off campus has been the best thing about serving in this position.”

Students say they are confident Gray will do an excellent job leading them in the right direction. Jasmine McDonald, a senior, believes that Gray will be committed to uplifting her peers and representing the university.

“I think she will give her all and do an amazing job serving as Miss Alcorn,” said McDonald. “I have no doubt that she will go above and beyond for her university. She’s humble and has a personality that is unmatched. This is huge for her.”

No one was happier to celebrate Gray’s moment more than her mother, Kitsa Kelly Davis. She expressed her pride in her daughter.

“I am honored and consider it a blessing that the student body chose my daughter as Miss Alcorn,” said Davis. “My family and I don’t take this accomplishment for granted. We know that it takes a village to help her succeed and fulfill her platform obligations. God gets all the glory, and my prayer is that Jakhia will let her light shine so bright that it touches and impacts the lives of others in a positive manner.”