Dr. Breanna Fulton ’11 releases Alcorn themed children’s book, "A for Alcorn: Alphabet Book"

An Alcorn State University alumna combined her passion for literature and her alma mater for her first published children’s book.

Dr. Breanna Fulton, a third to fifth-grade literacy coach at Georgian Hills Achievement Elementary School in Memphis, Tennessee, released “A is for Alcorn: Alphabet Book,” which gives children a learning experience rooted in the joys of an experience attending an HBCU like Alcorn.

The ABC book utilizes rhyme and vivid artistry to showcase the history that Alcorn offers.

As a teacher of minorities, it was important for Fulton to write and publish a book that portrays learning and good behavior to her children. She believes the images allow her students to see a good representation of themselves in mainstream publications.

“I was inspired to write a children’s book because of my love for literacy and passion for ensuring there is a positive representation of Black people and culture in literature,” said Fulton, who earned a bachelor's degree in English literature in 2011. “The students that I serve are an inspiration. My students and other Black and Brown children deserve to see themselves in the texts they read.”

Furthering her inspiration for the book was her love for Alcorn. Reflecting on the good times she had during her college years on campus played an essential role in the book’s theme.

“Alcorn has always felt like home. From the moment I first visited the campus, I knew it was where I belonged. My experience at Alcorn was filled with dynamic academics and adventure, which led me to center the book on our illustrious university. Alcorn allowed me to learn, grow, and connect with some of the brightest minds that this world has to offer. As a result of my fulfilling experience, this book highlights some of those fun times I had hanging out on ‘The Yard.’”

The book's messaging is centered on the value of HBCUs and how they provide quality education to young adults.

“I hope that this book sends the message that HBCUs, like Alcorn, are important and offer everybody valuable learning experiences.”

Now that the work is done, Fulton can enjoy the fruits of her labor. She appreciates the journey that led her to become a published author.

“Publishing a book feels amazing. It has been a phenomenal experience to set a goal and work to bring it to fruition.”

“A is for Alcorn: Alphabet Book” is available on www.amazon.com.