Seniors look to the future during final phase residence hall move-in

This weekend is the last Alcorn State University phased residence hall move-in, and students are excited to reunite with their friends for the new year. This weekend is special for seniors because it’s their last time moving onto campus as undergraduates.

Despite social distancing guidelines, the seniors still anticipate a year full of good memories. Miss Alcorn State University 2020-2021 Taea Jackson encourages the student body to protect each other so that they can have a great final year on campus.

“The circumstances aren’t ideal, but I still look forward to having a great senior year at Alcorn,” said Jackson. “Getting through these times requires being adaptable, considerate, and cooperative. I encourage everyone to protect themselves and be considerate of others as well. Our actions affect not only other students but also our families and instructors. How this semester goes depends on us.”

The students missed the family atmosphere that Alcorn offers. Devontae Janatsch, a senior sports management major, was excited to see his friends after months of limited interaction.

“I’m glad to see my peers,” said Janatsch. “With all of the things that are going on in the world, it makes me happy to be here with my friends so we can safely interact with each other for our last year. We’ve been at home for a long time without much engagement, so I’m looking forward to safely being amongst my peers.”

Alcorn has been implementing safe activities for students to engage in while on campus. J. R. Upton, a senior biology/pre-physical therapy major, is excited about what the University has in store for student entertainment. He’s confident that his senior will be eventful and safe.

“I look forward to participating in fun and safe activities so that we can enjoy ourselves,” said Upton. “I believe that we can have a good time without putting each other at risk. I’m going to enjoy my senior year while staying safe at Alcorn. I also look forward to making some more friends and leaving my mark on this fine University.”

The University serves as a second home for its students. Hali Jones, a senior mass communication major, expressed how happy she felt to be amongst family again.

“I’m looking forward to this school year despite what we’re facing in the world,” said Jones. “The opportunity to be reunited with friends and being on campus, which is a home away from home, is something I can’t wait for. I plan to have a great year and still enjoy myself while social distancing and wearing my mask. It’s my senior year, and I want to make my last year at Alcorn one to remember.”