A Brave Start PPE Kits handed out to students during final phased residence hall move-in

Staff members at Alcorn State University spent the final weekend of the phased residence hall move-ins handing out COVID-19 care packages to students to ensure their safety.

A Brave Start PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) kits were distributed to students at Medgar Wiley Evers Heritage Villages A and C and Albert Lott Hall as they moved into their residence halls Saturday, Sept. 5. The kits include two Alcorn branded cloth masks, a thermometer, hand sanitizer, and “A Brave Pack” that contains two disposable masks and gloves, wipes, and a pen.

Alcorn President Felecia M. Nave said that giving PPE to students falls in line with the University’s mission to provide a safe environment for its residents.

“This is an exciting initiative for our campus,” said Nave. “It shows our commitment not only to academic development and excellence, but also our dedication to ensuring a healthy and safe space for our students to return.”

The kits give Nave added confidence in Alcorn’s ability to mitigate the virus.

“These packages represent everything that we’ve asked our students to do regarding wearing masks, sanitizing, and wearing gloves. As they move around the campus, they will be equipped with everything they need to remain safe.”

Students are appreciative of the University’s plan to decrease the spread of the virus. Jimmy Jones, a senior agriculture/plant and soil science major, praised Alcorn for making the safety of the student body a priority.

“I am proud of my university for putting forth the effort to protect us,” said Jones. “I’m happy that employees at Alcorn spent time putting together these essential items to protect the student body.”

Kailey Walton, a sophomore accounting major, said that the University’s PPE kit initiative gives her peace of mind and confidence in the upcoming school year. She applauds Alcorn for putting their safety first.

“The kits that the University is providing for us have everything we need to cooperate with social distancing guidelines,” said Walton. “Alcorn is going above and beyond to take proper precautions from now on. Because of these kits, I look forward to having a good time while staying safe.”

Kameron Buckhaulter, a freshman music education major, appreciates the University providing critical COVID-19 essentials at a time when some products may be hard to find in stores.

“I think that it’s smart of Alcorn to give PPE kits to students because some people aren’t able to find some of the kit's items in stores,” said Buckhaulter. “It’s nice that the University thought of this idea. I feel safe on campus because of these tools that the University has provided for me.”

Zewelanji Chimponda, a junior computer science major, felt that the University executed its PPE initiative at the perfect time of the school year.

“This is a timely package,” said Chimponda. “It’s very thoughtful of the University to protect its students. These kits equip us to combat the coronavirus and stay healthy. I’m happy to get this kit, and I’m happy to be a student at Alcorn.”