Leland, Miss. native Camariyah Butler, a senior accounting major, recently accepted an internship offer from Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler (KPMG), one of the four largest global accounting firms. KPMG firms serve many of the world’s leading multinational corporations and financial investors.

Butler, who aspires to become a certified public accountant, will have the opportunity to discover a wide range of industry standards in financial reporting, from adherence to new and revised accounting standards and effective management of the financial reporting processes, to support through an IPO process.

“I will be in a tax practice office, preparing tax work for individuals and different companies. I hope to gain professional development and analytical skills to prepare me for my career,” Butler said. “Generally, I hope to become a vessel for my community as well as many other communities. My number one passion is to help others.”

Butler learned about the opportunity with KPMG through an event hosted by Dr. Antwon Woods, dean of the School of Business at Alcorn. But it was her tenacity that secured the position. “Dr. Woods was able to get some KPMG employees to the School of Business for a guest speaker series. This was an opportunity for not only myself but my peers to showcase what we have to offer. Ever since that day, I have not let KPMG employees forget my name!”

After a visit to the University’s Annual High School Day, Camariyah made her choice to attend the institution. “Honestly, my High School Day experience is what made me come to Alcorn. Now that I have spent four years here, I can proudly say that I made a great decision.”

Butler shared that other faculty and staff, as well as family and friends, have been instrumental in her success at the University, and she has grown to have a deep appreciation for the campus culture.

“Ms. Angela Wynn, executive assistant to Dean Woods, has been an extraordinary advisor and mentor to me. For every question I ask, she has an answer. I cannot thank her enough for being there for me throughout my four years at Alcorn.”

“The people I met here played a huge role in [me] enjoying my experience here. From day one, I noticed a friendly, welcoming vibe. Because of that, some friends I’ve met here have become family,” she said. “I would [also] like to acknowledge my family for the support and encouragement they’ve given throughout the years.”

Butler encourages prospective students to attend the University and offers them some prudent advice, “Always remember that your number one purpose for going to college is to get an education. Do not let partying and negativity knock you off of your focus. Socially, get involved on campus and make friends. The friends you meet in college could very well be valuable to your life.”