Ronnie Brooks retires from Alcorn’s Office of Admissions and Recruiting after 28 years of service

One of Alcorn State University’s most dedicated recruiters has entered retirement.

Ronnie Brooks, former assistant director of Admissions and Recruitment, has retired after 28 years of service.

The journey at the University allowed Brooks to build relationships that will last forever. He appreciates all of the experiences he had with his Alcorn family.

“Alcorn State University has had a positive impact on my life in several ways,” said Brooks. “During my tenure, I was impacted by the many friendships that I made. At Alcorn, I gained so much knowledge and expertise from so many of my colleagues on campus. I appreciate everything that I gained from my interactions with them.”

His title gave him countless opportunities to travel across the country recruiting prospective Alcorn students, which led to Brooks making friendships that he cherishes.

“I also made lots of friends across the United States. The people I encountered over the years were so hospitable, especially those in areas I frequently recruited."

Brooks was one of the main contributors to bringing students to the University. Watching the students succeed in their education and later as professionals have always been one of his shining moments.

“Alcorn positioned me to see the success in the lives of many students who either worked for me or who I recruited to attend the University. Seeing students as freshmen on campus and then again years later as successful alumni, coming back to enjoy events or as employees of our great institution, makes me proud. All of these interactions have made me a better person.”

Everything about the job, from traveling to interacting with his colleagues, will be missed by Brooks. He’s thankful to have had a fulfilling career.

“I will mostly miss the perks that came with being a recruiter and the people that worked in the Office of Admissions and Recruiting. I enjoyed traveling to recruitment events, but I mostly enjoyed my co-workers and managers. There were so many helpful alumni all over this country that felt it was their duty to help recruit for Alcorn. I am thankful that they made my job easier.”