Alcorn, Auburn University marching bands to participate in a virtual music leadership initiative

Marching bands from Alcorn State University and Auburn University will collaborate for an initiative centered on leadership development in music education.

The bands will participate in The Power of Student Leadership and Social-Emotional Learning in Music History initiative via Facebook Live Tuesday, Sept. 8, at 7 p.m. The virtual roundtable discussion will provide a platform for directors and student leaders from both bands to showcase unity, fellowship, and highlight music’s ability to transcend various cultures. The event is hosted by REACH Through Music, powered by The DEVMUSIC Company.

Interim Director of Bands Everson Martin believes the initiative will help student leaders realize the importance of their roles and extending their leadership to areas beyond music.

“I believe that student leadership in music education is important because of the effects it has on students and how it extends beyond the realm of music,” said Martin. “I’ve been a music educator/ band director for 16 years, and one of my mantras is ‘I teach more than music and band. I’m teaching life lessons.’ I encourage students not only to lead in music rehearsals but also empower them to make the right decisions, be critical thinkers, understand the importance of intangibles, and spark their consciousness about their communities and the real world.”

Martin said the event allows the two schools to showcase music programs to its students while encouraging directors to work more with other schools.

“I hope students better understand the inner-workings of band programs at Alcorn and Auburn. I also hope that this inspires band directors and students to think outside of the box and welcome working with others, no matter the conference, location, style, culture, or tradition. Music is universal and truly one of the greatest artforms. It links us together.”

Members of Alcorn’s Sounds of Dyn-O-Mite Marching Band are looking forward to discussing their musical journey with another band. Ebonie Hardin, a senior mass communication major, said that the initiative is a chance for the bands to learn from each other while inspiring high school students to follow their musical dreams.

“Alcorn’s collaboration with Auburn is a great opportunity for both schools to get back to communicating with other band programs and spreading the love of music to the public,” said Hardin. “This will also be an opportunity for high school students and future band members to see what it’s like to be a part of an organization such as the band. We won’t have the normal in-person interaction, but this will spotlight the talent, work ethic, and goals of both bands. We are excited to get back into the music and fellowship amongst each other as much as possible.”

Willie Willis, a junior accounting major, anticipates the two bands sharing ideas for their betterment.

“I hope to learn and observe Auburn’s music style and how their leadership team operates their programs,” said Willis. “Giving insight into each other’s programs would help both bands exceed expectations in various areas.

Registration for the virtual event is available. Click here to register.