Students and staff participate in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Unity Walk on campus

Alcorn State University continued its celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy with a walk in his honor.

In partnership with the sophomore class cabinet, the Office of Educational Equity & Inclusion/Diversity hosted the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Unity Walk and Program Tuesday, Jan. 19, from the J. D. Boyd Library to the James L. Bolden Campus Union (known as the campus horseshoe).

A program was held after the walk in the plaza near the Library, where Robert Tatum, the 2018-2019 Student Government Association president, was the guest speaker.

Tatum spoke of King’s dream and how today’s generation must fulfill his vision.

“Dr. King had the dream, but we are here to take action and execute his dream,” said Tatum. “We are here to achieve Dr. King’s goal. We have accomplished so many things, and we can accomplish much more if we remain a cohesive unit as Black people. Never forget who you are and show people why you were put here on this earth.”

Inspired by Alcorn President Felecia M. Nave, LLJuna Weir, director for the Office of Educational Equity & Inclusion/Diversity, said that the walk was a way of showing students what their grandparents went through for them to be here today.

“Most students have heard about the March on Washington and other civil rights marches during the 1960s, but many are not aware of what their grandparents had to go through for us to get to where we are today,” said Weir. “We are blessed to be afforded the rights that we have today because of the leadership of the past. It was befitting that we would honor Dr. King with a march.”

For Weir, King’s legacy inspires her to instill his teachings in today’s younger generation.

“The legacy of Dr. King is a great one and has made lasting social impacts around the world. We should be uplifting and nourishing to our young leaders because they are who we need to be the catalysts to bring change in our nation and world.”

Robert Tatum giving his speech.