Students excited to be back at Alcorn for second semester

Students attending Alcorn State University are excited to be on campus after returning from the holiday break.

The University’s second semester began Monday, Jan. 19. Students were happy to reunite with their friends while getting a step closer to their ultimate goal of graduating.

Eager to fulfill his purpose, DeAndre McCalpin, a freshman business administration major, is encouraged by the new start. He said that coming back to continue his studies at Alcorn is part of his pathway to success.

“I was motivated by the beginning of the second semester because I know that Alcorn is where I should be,” said McCalpin. “I have to finish school because it’s my purpose in life. I know I wouldn’t be where I am now without the support system I’ve gained at Alcorn. I am who I am because of them, and they motivate me.”

Focused on his future, Trevion Scott, a freshman biology education major, said that starting the second semester is essential to him staying focused on his studies.

“Coming back to school was a must,” said Scott. “I understand that studying at Alcorn will help me to complete my goal of finding a career and being successful. If I didn’t come back, it would have kept me from reaching my goals.”

Amar Weir, a senior business administration major, is happy to reunite with fellow Alcornites.

“I’m excited to start the spring semester,” said Weir. “I’m glad to be back with my friends and surrounding myself with great people. There’s nothing like being on Alcorn’s campus.”

President Felecia M. Nave looks forward to having a safe and successful semester.

“We are so glad to have the students back on campus,” said Nave. “It’s great to see students socially distancing, wearing their masks, and being excited to finish this semester. We’re looking forward to an exciting and rewarding semester and finishing spring 2021 strong.”