Alcorn alumna Kim Hooper to be presented SIA’s Jay Hauhn Excellence in Partnership Award

One of the leading industries for security solutions providers will recognize an Alcorn State University alumna for her excellent work.

Kim Hooper, who earned a bachelor's degree in business administration in 2000, is one of three honorees of the 2022 Jay Hauhn Excellence in Partnerships Award. Hooper will be presented the award during the Security Industry Association's (SIA) Market Leaders Reception, held Tuesday, March 22, in Las Vegas.

The award is an annual distinction recognizing outstanding leadership in security industry collaborations. SIA is the leading trade association for global security solutions providers, with over 1,100 innovative member companies representing thousands of security leaders and experts who shape the future of the security industry.

Hooper is a regional loss prevention manager for Amazon, covering the Central Robotics Region, including four states and over 20,000 associates. She has over 20 years of experience in loss prevention, asset protection, risk management, safety, and investigations. She also serves as president of the Amazon Women in Security Global Boards, which offers support to women associates and allies in over 14 countries around the globe and works to uplift, protect, and inspire others in the security industry.

This award is a significant moment in Hooper's career. She's thankful to be recognized for doing what she loves.

"It is a surprise to be awarded for helping students excel in their career paths," said Hooper. "This is something that I enjoy doing and will continue to support for years to come. It is important to give back and share your knowledge and experience. I am sharing this award with other great leaders, and I could not be prouder."

The achievement highlights several of Hooper's passions, including the importance of partnership, student development, and diversity in the security fields.

"This award is an honor because it stands for what I believe is critical to success and excellence in partnerships. No one can do it alone; it takes a village. Our students can use a helping hand through mentorship, which allows us to build lifelong relationships. When I started in this industry, I did not see others like me. Now, I can share my experiences in my career and be the shoulder for others to stand on to succeed. I want to see more women and minorities in the security industry."

With much success also came several challenges that Hooper had to overcome.

"There are always obstacles along the way. At times, I was the only woman in the room and led teams that didn't look like me. I studied my business and continued to work with others who questioned how I made it this far."

Determined to be the best, Hooper used the negativity as fuel to become the best at her craft.

"Despite the negativity, I continued to push myself. I realized that I am enough and cannot let others define who I am. Peers may excel quicker, but I learned to compete with myself and continue to raise the bar. Looking back, it is a journey that I cannot forget. I am grateful for all of it because it made me learn to pivot."

The journey as an Alcorn student prepared Hooper to become the excellent professional she is today.

"Alcorn set the foundation for my success. Time at 'The Academic Resort' taught me to build relationships with students and professors. It showed me how to persevere when I missed goals and helped me build grit for the future. Most importantly, I learned that family is not always assigned. My family on the yard listened, encouraged, and supported me, which is how I build excellence in partnerships today. I am thankful for my Alcorn experiences."