Arrington Robinson elected as the 3rd Mister Alcorn State University

Arrington Robinson, a junior biology pre-medicine major from Canton, Mississippi, finished off the 2023 Royal Court and Student Government Association campaign season with a victory.

His campus-wide campaign led him to hear his name called for the title of Mister Alcorn on the campus plaza Tuesday, March 28. Robinson’s campaign for the third Mister Alcorn State University title was seen all around campus. His Forbes magazine cover theme exuded professionalism. Students donning his red, white, and blue Arrington “Drip” Robinson t-shirts showcased the importance of dressing to impress.

“After hearing that I won, it was definitely a sigh of relief! It was like a dream come true,” said Robinson

His platform focused on key values he has used throughout his life and plans to use during his reign as Mister Alcorn.

“My platform is important to me because, for years, I have thrived off the three Ps in life: staying patient, persistent, and passionate,” said Robinson.

Expanding on the three P’s, Robinson’s platform had specific goals he shared with students on social media and during his campaign. Improving access to campus resources, highlighting mental health, increasing enrollment, and promoting altruism were all a part of his campaign’s message.

Strengthening the bridge between administration and students was also important for Robinson to include in his platform.

“I also want to serve as a liaison between the administrative staff and the student body, fostering greater cohesion,” said Robinson.

Juggling classes, student organizations, and being a member of the track and field team while campaigning for the position could’ve been stressful for Robinson. Instead, the week was filled with good vibes across the board for the student body leader.

“My favorite thing about campaigning was bringing all my classmates and friends out to enjoy what Alcorn has to offer. I also had fun networking with new people I have never talked to before,” said Robinson.

Now that campaign week is over and he’s secured the crown, Robinson looks forward to resuming his athletic training and academic preparation for his future.

“I plan to finish this season at the top fn my conference. I also have been preparing and studying to pass the MCAT this summer as I have plans to get accepted into medical school,” said Robinson.