Alcorn elects Jordan Buck for its 66th 2023-2024 SGA president

On March 28th, the student body voted for their choice of Alcorn State University’s 2023-2024 Student Government Association president. This resulted in the election of Jordan Buck, a woman SGA president, for the first time in 17 years. The last female SGA president was Levenia Baker, who served from 2004-2005.

Buck, an agriculture business management major, serves as junior class president this year and plans to use the knowledge gained from her current position to aid her success next year as SGA President.

“My journey was like climbing a ladder. During my first two years at Alcorn, I served on various committees and cabinets until I built enough courage to run for junior class president. During my junior year, I had an amazing cabinet, supportive SGA members, inspirational faculty and staff, and family members who could see my gift to lead and serve. Serving as junior class president has truly prepared me for this position. I am not perfect, and things may not always go as planned, but I will strive to lead selflessly and to the best of my ability,” said Buck.

Campaign week was held March 20th – 24th, allowing Buck to showcase her campaign “L.E.A.D.I.N.G, A Path We Can All Follow.” In her speeches, Buck assured students that she will be a president that listens, takes accountability, and is determined, intelligent, noble, and goal-oriented.

“It feels great to be a representative for my fellow student body. I campaigned all week, introducing myself and my platform to the student body. I hope that my delivery was received. I have many goals for the campus, but my main goal is to ensure the students know that their voice, questions, and concerns matter!”

Jordan will follow in the footsteps of Christopher Epps, Alcorn’s 65th SGA President. Epps offered encouraging words to Buck upon her election.

“Being SGA President is not an easy task. You have to be a strong advocate for the student body and ensure that this campus runs correctly. Jordan exemplifies what structured leadership is supposed to look like. As for the 65th administration, we are near the end, but our task is not done. We have both agreed that the legacy is to continue to fight for the best student experience at Alcorn, and I know the student body will be in good hands for the 2023-2024 academic term,” said Epps.

She plans to continue to improve the university when she takes office next year.

“I want to build transparency between the student government and student body. Hopefully, these actions will also help us implement and improve the following — student engagement, expanding healthier food options, posting monthly newsletters to keep the student body updated, networking with other HBCUs, incorporating one mental health day per semester to cater to the Alcorn students, and work with campus safety to ensure students are prepared and aware of emergency plans to keep everyone safe.”

Jordan has already been the cause of positive change in the university environment.

“Some of my accomplishments as junior class president are the following: hosting the inaugural Trap Bingo, the 2nd annual Brave Family Feud, plenty of community service at Alcorn and surrounding areas, and cafeteria workers appreciation day. But most importantly, I am finishing the ‘2023 Return of the Alcornite’ yearbook! This one is one of my biggest achievements thus far, and I hope to continue to be able to make positive changes around campus in my new position.”

Jordan encourages other women who aspire to hold leadership positions to pursue their goals.

“It has been a while, but I am dedicated and prepared. I have no doubts about my capabilities, but hearing ‘2023-2024 SGA President Elect’ behind my name is an amazing feeling. My goal is to always lead by example and shine an inspirational light on myself, the student body, and the campus of Alcorn State University. Hopefully, the next female SGA president is inspired enough to know she does not have to wait ten-plus years to run for this position.”