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School of Arts and Sciences

The School of Arts and Sciences is uniquely designed to cultivate the minds of those students interested in productive careers in the STEM areas; more specifically:

Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science, Social Science, Social Work and the Military.

It also offers careers in English, Fine Arts, Music, and Communications. The major focus of the School is to ensure that each individual student is given the opportunity to dedicate themselves to dreams and aspirations of their choice while enjoying the rich heritage that Alcorn State University has to offer.

In the School of Arts and Sciences, you will find degree programs that gives you your insight into the basic science of life as well as the cultural and artistic aspects that make life better. Natural sciences, humanities, social sciences, fine arts—Alcorn’s largest school provides fundamental knowledge backed by character-building programs that will prepare you to make a difference in the world.

Prepare for a career in medicine. Express yourself through music. Understand the influences that make—or break—the economy. Learn why history repeats itself. Explore the numerical basis for life, or apply mathematics in the world of computers. In the School of Arts and Sciences, you’ll find a world of opportunities.

The primary objectives of the School of Arts and Sciences are:

  • to offer a broad program of general education for all students.
  • to create in the minds of students a curiosity that is conducive to constructive thinking in their search for facts pertaining to the laws of the physical and biological phenomena of life.
  • to aid in the development of the ability to think critically with regard to the complex problems of social living.
  • to lay a rigid foundation for students who expect to take other technical courses and to stress the ever increasing importance of mathematics in our modern society.
  • to provide the student with a basic philosophy of the principles of the creative arts and a genuine and abiding appreciation for the cultural heritage of our civilization.
  • to develop selected college-educated men and women for positions of responsibility as officers in the active Army and its reserve components.

To attain the above objectives, particular emphasis is placed upon precision of observation and measurement and upon the application of the scientific method.