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The Department of fine arts offers the Bachelor of Music degree in three major performing areas: instrumental, piano, and vocal. The degree is intended for students with high proficiency on their chosen instrument and who intend to pursue performance careers or who wish to pursue advanced degrees in music performance. The objectives of the degree program are:

  1. the development of high performance and leadership skills in music,
  2. the provision of opportunities for intensive study in music literature, music history, and music theory, and the preparation of students for graduate study and for careers in music and music related fields.

In addition to the auditions and entrance examinations required for all students, other requirements include: ensembles, juries and recitals, and proficiency examinations.

The curriculum for each of the performance areas are listed in pdf files. The following links are for performance majors beginning during the fall semester 2010 or later:

Instrumental Performance Major (before 2016)
Piano Performance Major (before 2016)
Vocal Performance Major (before 2016)

The following links are for performance majors beginning before the fall semester 2010:

Instrumental Performance Major
Piano Performance Major
Vocal Performance Major