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Hello, ASB Experiential Learner:

Alcorn State University School of Business strives to prepare graduates who will be well-rounded future leaders of high character who will be competitive in the global marketplace of the 21st century. Experiential learning, by way of internships and co-ops, is crucial to achieving this student-centered outcome.

Students may indeed be introduced to the dynamics of a globalizing world through ASB's course offerings; however, direct experience is an invaluable complement to the academic coursework. To that end, business students are strongly encouraged to enhance their educational experience through workplace internships and co-operative learning opportunities. Such experiences afford countless benefits: (i) students learn new skills at the experiential learning site; (ii) integrate and apply skills learned at the university; (iii) increase chances for employment vis-a-vis counterparts without such co-curricular learning experience; and, (iv) enhance graduate/professional school prospects and placements. Please note: while the emphasis is on internships and co-operative learning experiences, ASB engages students (in collaboration with their advisors) in a variety of innovative experiential learning opportunities (e.g., “shadowing” activities, volunteer work, site visits, etc.) as well as a large and growing number of resources to support students abroad through collaboration with the Global Studies Program.

To be sure, all school of business students are required to gain prior, written approval prior to applying or beginning an internship/co-op/or other experiential learning opportunity. The purpose of this policy is to ensure institutional and School control, foster School-employer interactions, preserve students' rights, and ensure a meaningful co-curricular experience.

As you embark on your experiential learning journey, feel free to peruse the following documents and forms (below) in your pursuit of a richly rewarding, experiential learning opportunity.

Always Alcorn, Always ASB!

Documents & Forms:

Internship Purpose and Goals
Where to find an Internship or Co-op Position
Approval and Registration
Internship Application
Contact Information