Emails on campus are sent to both internal and external audience members. To make all email communications from the university accessible, the Division of Marketing and Communication have set up an email template to standardize these communications and provide support to campus. Internal communications are messages sent only to the “” email addresses. External audiences are often marketing blasts and should be managed by the Division of Marketing and Communications.

How to Send Messages via Outlook:

  1. Download the Department Communications Email Template
  2. Open Outlook, select File > New > Email from Template
  3. Locate downloaded email template, select and open
  4. Edit the message in Outlook, including the email signature at the very bottom of the message. Do not change or move the logo, font or text size.
  5. Images and files that are inserted into the message will need to be sent as attachments to the message.
  6. Send the message to the targeted audience.

(Picture of email template with Alcorn logo mark)