For schools and departments, we offer digital letterhead with which faculty and staff can write electronic student referral letters. The digital letterhead files are intended to be used only as they are labelled — digitally, usually as a PDF attachment to an email.

For digital-only letterhead, download the Alcorn State University Digital Letterhead template. To customize this letterhead, view the footer and update the text with your department’s name, address and other contact information. Then save the file as a template.

  • Do not change the size of the text.
  • Do not change the spacing between the vertical bars “ | ” and the text before or after.
  • The font should be Adobe Garamond, Garamond or any font in the Garamond font family.
  • You may opt to change the logo to your unit logo, but keep the sizing consistent with the Alcorn State University logo.
  • Do not delete the digital document footer.

(Picture of digital letterhead example including Alcorn logo mark)