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Data Disposal Policy

Responsible Division: Center for Information Technology Services (User Services)
Responsible Office:
Center for Information Technology Services
Issue/Revision Date:
September 22, 2017


This policy explains Alcorn State University’s procedure regarding the proper transfer, disposal, and/or reuse of computers and other digital storage media.

Policy Statement

  1. University-owned computers and digital storage media must have all institutional data and licensed software reliably erased from the device prior to its transfer out of University control. The media must be destroyed, using current best practices for the type of media. Delete, Remove, and Format operating system commands as well as disconnecting or clipping wires to a drive do not fully erase data from the media, and therefore are not acceptable methods for preparing media for transfer or disposal.
  2. All computers and digital storage media leaving the University’s possession and/or control while still intact must be transferred in accordance with the University’s equipment removal and disposal policies which covers both tagged and non-tagged equipment. The office of CITS will ensure the proper erasure of licensed software and institutional data.
  3. Computers and electronic storage equipment identified for title transfer must be reviewed and then subsequently cleaned by an approved CITS technician.

It is the responsibility of the office personnel disposing the equipment to notify the appropriate departments for removal and disposal of information and equipment.