This policy is designed to help prevent infection of Alcorn State University computers, networks, and technology systems by computer viruses and other malicious code. This policy is intended to help prevent damage to user applications, data, files, and hardware.


Alcorn State University is committed to a secure information technology environment in support of its mission. In today’s information technology environment the need for a strong password policy is greater than ever. Many systems at the University require the use of passwords such as e-mail, academic and administrative applications, computing labs, and VPN.


Bandwidth refers to the speed of Alcorn State’s connection to the Internet. Like our water, electrical supply or roads, bandwidth is a shared resource. A bandwidth policy is necessary so we may ensure it is available to everyone, and that the actions—intentional or not—of a few do not disrupt or impede the availability of the Internet for others.


The purpose of this policy is to establish the standards by which data centers and Network/telecommunication rooms at Alcorn State University are protected against unapproved physical entry and potentially damaging environmental factors. The Alcorn State University Center for Information Technology Services (CITS) is charged with overall responsibility for properly securing and monitoring these sensitive support areas.


This policy explains Alcorn State University’s procedure regarding the proper transfer, disposal, and/or reuse of computers and other digital storage media.


In support of its educational mission, Alcorn State owns and maintains a number of information technology resources. These resources include a high-speed local area network, access to shared network software and storage space, public computing facilities, support services, and access to the Internet. Access to these resources is granted to all Alcorn State University faculty, staff and currently-enrolled students. By sharing and using these resources, users accept full responsibility for their actions and agree that they will use these resources in an ethical manner. In addition, individuals are also subject to federal, state, and local laws governing many interactions that occur on the Internet.

Because this is an academic community, the faculty, students and staff of Alcorn State University honor intellectual property, respect the privacy of data, and respect the rights of others. As a carrier of information, Alcorn does not subject users’ files to prior review. However, the University does make its best effort to educate the community in responsible use and respond when violations are pointed out.


An internet usage policy dictates what is deemed to be appropriate internet browsing behavior in the workplace. This policy typically enforces time restrictions for employees when browsing the internet for non-work-related tasks as well as stipulating what genres of sites they are allowed to browse. Having an internet usage policy, which can also be referred to as an acceptable use policy (AUP), ensures that employees are following directives that serve to safeguard their work environment and the IT network infrastructure.

This Internet Usage Policy applies to all Students, Faculty and Staff of Alcorn State University who have access to computers and the Internet to be used in the performance of their work. Use of the Internet by Students and Employees of Alcorn State University is permitted and encouraged where such use supports the goals and objectives of the business. However, access to the Internet through University is a privilege and all students and employees must adhere to the policies concerning Computer, Email and Internet usage. Violation of these policies could result in disciplinary and/or legal action leading up to and including termination of employment. Students or Employees may also be held personally liable for damages caused by any violations of this policy. All students and employees are required to acknowledge receipt and confirm that they have understood and agree to abide by the rules hereunder.


The purpose of this policy is to state the requirements for remote access to computing resources and data hosted at Alcorn State University using Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology.


The Alcorn network may not be extended in any way other than by CITS Infrastructure staff. This means that only network access devices deployed by CITS may be used to access the university network.

Misconfigured or mismanaged network access devices (aka “rogue” devices) sometimes mimic the actions of central network control equipment and prevent network access by other users of the network.


The Alcorn State University Wireless LAN (named as Wi-Fi network) is provided to facilitate and support teaching, academic activities and job related duties required in the University. The Wi-Fi network is part of the Campus Network which is managed and administered by the Center for Information Technology Services, Alcorn State University. Use of the Wi-Fi network is governed by the guidelines and policies described in this document.


  • Alcorn State University will in no way service mobile, cellular, and/or smart devices that were not purchased and owned by the University.
  • Alcorn State University cannot guarantee compatibility for any and all University-owned cellular, and/or smart devices acquired from vendors other than the University’s chosen cellular service provider (CSP).
  • Mobile/cellular/smart devices are devices that are capable of receiving cellular voice, text, and/or internet data. These include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • mobile/cellular phones
    • smartphones
    • tablets (iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, etc.)
    • mobile Wi-Fi hotspots
    • smart TVs (Fire TV, Roku TV, etc.)
    • streaming sticks (Fire Stick, Chromecast, etc.)