Functions such as permit fulfillment and the collection of parking citation fines are centralized in the Department of Parking Services. Our Campus Police Department is responsible for the enforcement of current parking rules and regulations. Our goals are to enforce parking regulations with a priority of accountability, customer service, and safety for our faculty, staff, students, and visitors. The Department of Parking Services maintains a fully online system for parking services, including an appeals process for traffic violations.

You will receive your parking permit at the time of purchase at the cashier’s window on the second floor of the Walter Washington Administration/Classroom Building. You also have the option of having your permit mailed to you. Temporary and visitor permits are also available. We are here to facilitate mobility around the campus in the most efficient, courteous and professional manner possible. The department continues to evaluate and suggest changes to parking operations, signage, and assist with issues regarding parking improvements and to and around campus.

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