The Department of Parking Services is charged with providing the governing parking on the campus, with priorities of accountability, customer service, and safety for our faculty, staff, students, and visitors. We are here to facilitate mobility around the campus in the most efficient, courteous and professional manner possible. The department continues to evaluate and suggest changes to parking operations, signage, and assist with issues regarding parking improvements and to and around campus. Comments as to how we can improve operations are welcome at any time.

Listed below are the most frequently asked questions about Parking Services at Alcorn State University. The purpose of sharing this with you is to educate the campus community on parking matters and motivate everyone to respect parking regulations that will improve the mobility of the overall campus.

Additional information and FAQs will be provided on a continuous basis to help keep the university and community apprised of parking improvements.


Q: How do I register my vehicle?

Q: Why should I buy a campus parking permit?

Q: What are the funds for parking permits used for?

Q: If I am parked in a lot on the campus without a permit, why am I getting a ticket?

Q: If I have two vehicles, am I required to register each vehicle?

Q: Where do residential students park?

Q: If I’m a commuter student and my classes start after 5:00 p.m., why do I have to buy a parking permit?

Q: I am often unable to locate a valid parking space. Can I appeal my ticket?

Q: If I use my hazard lights to park illegally on campus, will I receive a parking ticket?

Q: I received a ticket for “improperly displayed decal”, but my permit was lying on the dashboard.

Q: I do not have a permit, but I parked on campus after 5:00 p.m. and received a citation? Why?

Q: I have a state disabled parking permit. Will that enable me to park anywhere on campus?

Q: What if all the disabled spaces are taken and I have a disabled parking permit?

Q: If I have to purchase a new windshield, do I have to buy another parking permit?

Q: What if all the spaces in particular lots are occupied?

Q: Why must commuter students park at the commuter lot (stadium)?

Q: How do I pay for a ticket that I have received?

Q: What if I dispute a citation that I have received?

Q: My citation appeal was denied. What are my options?

Q: I want to appeal a ticket, but I need to register for classes (or get a transcript) and the ticket is preventing me from doing so. What should I do?

Q: Who is the parking appeals committee and how often does the committee meet?

Q: I don’t agree with the parking regulation that I violated. Can I appeal on these grounds?

Q: Are parking permits required for visitors?

Q: What if I drive a different vehicle on a temporary basis?

Q: If I am a visitor and failed to pay a parking citation, what will happen?

Q: My friend borrowed my car and parked illegally on campus, incurring a citation. Who is responsible?

Q: How can I avoid receiving any parking tickets?

Q: How do I contact the Department of Parking Services?