All University students, faculty, and staff that are physically located on Alcorn’s campuses have access to ASUResNet and/or AlcornWiFi — the University’s wireless internet networks. If you are accessing Wi-Fi on one of Alcorn’s campuses for the very first time, you’ll need a Wi-Fi Passphrase to get connected. A Wi-Fi Passphrase is automatically assigned to every student and employee of the University. You can get a wireless passphrase by scrolling down and clicking the purple button below that says “Set Up Wi-Fi”.


Before You Get Your Wi-Fi Passphrase

To get the your Wireless passphrase, you’ll need to have your Alcorn Email account set up. If you don’t have an Alcorn Email account, you can click here to learn how to set-up/activate your Alcorn Email.

Note: You can use the Wireless passphrase on your computer on up to five (5) devices (desktop, laptop, smartphone, etc.).

How to Access Alcorn Wi-Fi

Now that you have your Passphrase, you’ll want to connect to the Wi-Fi. To connect to the Wi-Fi on campus:

  1. On your device (desktop/laptop computer, smartphone, etc.), look for one of the following networks…
    • ASUResNet
    • AlcornWiFi
  1. Once you tap/click on the network name, you should be prompted for a passphrase (it may be called something different, like a password, key, or network key). Enter your Wi-Fi Passphrase, and you should be connected to our campus Wi-Fi shortly afterward.


Guest Access to Wi-Fi

If you’re not from Alcorn State but need access to the Wi-Fi, fret not. We have a solution for you! The Alcorn Guest Wi-Fi network is one that’s available to the general public on our main and Natchez campuses. Just follow the steps below to get connected…


Connecting to the Guest Wi-Fi Network

  1. On your device, look for the Wi-Fi network named AlcornGuestWIFI and tap/click on it to connect to it.
  2. Once connected, you should be taken to a screen where you will need to register. Enter your Guest Name, Email, and Mobile (phone) number. On some phones, you may not go immediately to the screen but instead, you may have to first tap/click on a notification to Sign in to the AlcornGuestWIFI network.
  3. Next, tap/click on the Register button.

If all went well, you should see that you’re registered and that you only have to tap/click the button that says Access the Web! and begin browsing the Internet.


Having Trouble?

If you’re having trouble with any of this information or with following any of the steps given above, please call the CITS HelpDesk at 601-877-CITS (2487) for further assistance.