The appeals process will be conducted by an appeals committee that is independent of the Department of Parking Operations. The committee is comprised of faculty/staff and student representation at Alcorn State University.

Process for Appeal:

The appeals process allows the student, faculty, staff member, or visitor an opportunity to petition the citation that was issued by a patrol officer because of a parking violation.

Requests for appeals must be made online. Click the link below to log in and request an appeal online.

The Responsibilities of the Appellant:

  • A request for an appeal must be made within ten (10) business days of the issuance of the citation.
  • Notice of receipt of the appeals will be emailed back to the appellant upon completion. If the appellant does not receive an email acknowledgement, he or she must contact the Department of Parking Management.
  • Notice of the decision regarding the appeal will be sent via email, campus mail or US Mail.
  • If the citation is dismissed, no further action is necessary on behalf of the appellant.
  • If the appeal has been denied, the citation must be paid within fifteen (15) days of the receipt of the official notification.
  • All decisions from the appeals committee are final.

Guidelines for Appeals:

The appeals committee will make any decision on the appeal based on the guidelines below:

  1. It is the obligation of the appellant to present information that would invalidate the ticket.
  2. Reasons that will not be considered by the committee:
    1. Handicapped parking violations
    2. Fire lane violation
    3. Other vehicles were improperly parked
    4. Inability to find a proper convenient parking space
    5. Late to class or appointment
    6. Financial hardship caused by fine
    7. Lack of knowledge of the regulations (new to campus/have not reviewed regulations)All requests for appeals must be reviewed in a timely manner (no later than fifteen (15) days after a request for appeal has been submitted).
  3. The appellant must be notified via email, campus mail or U.S. Mail.
  4. The appellant must attend the appeals hearing. Otherwise, the appeals form will serve in lieu of the appellant’s physical presence.
  5. If the appeals committee finds that the citation was valid and enforceable, then the appellant must pay the citation within fifteen (15) days after the hearing date.
  6. If the appeals committee finds that the citation is invalid and unenforceable, then the Department of Parking Operations must have the citation removed from the appellant’s record within fifteen (15) days of the hearing date.
  7. Unpaid citation(s) will prevent the student from registering for classes and/or receiving his/her grades, transcripts, and diploma.
  8. Faculty or staff members who do not pay their fines within fifteen (15) days will receive proper notice. If the citation is a decal infraction, a decal must be purchased.

To appeal your citation, please log in to Parking Management System to view outstanding citations and select the appeals option.