The Compensation and Classification unit supports the vision and mission of the university and is responsible for maintaining the compensation plan for all the university’s monthly and hourly employees.

Vision Statement


Alcorn State University, a Historically Black College and University and land-grant institution, is committed to intellectual development and lifelong learning through the integration of diverse pedagogies, applied and basic research, cultural and professional programs, public service and outreach, while providing access to globally competitive academic and research programs. To accomplish this mission, Alcorn State University seeks to provide a compensation program that attracts and retains talented employees who are in support of our strategic objective.


Alcorn State University strives to provide competitive compensation and benefits that balance both market competitiveness and internal equity while remaining fiscally responsible. Aside from base compensation, the University recognizes additional components including fringe benefits, work-life balance, an inclusive culture, growth opportunities, and other workplace attributes as key elements of a robust program.







Employees are classified at the time of employment as full-time regular, full-time temporary, part-time regular, part-time temporary, or seasonal. An employee whose work assignment is for less than 4.5 months is not entitled to benefits. Employees working less than 20 hours per week, regardless of whether they are regular or temporary, are not entitled to benefits.

Individuals hired to work at Alcorn State as full-time (100% FTE) employees shall not be allowed to work another 100% FTE for any other public or private entity without full disclosure and approval by the direct supervisor and/or department head (see Conflicts of Interest/Secondary Employment/Gifts and Favors Policy refer to Conflicts of Interest/Outside Employment Policy).


Full-time employees are employed in a regular, full-time (39 hours per week) position. This full-time status entitles the employee to all Alcorn State University benefit programs.


Part-time employees work less than 39 hours per week. Those working over 20 hours per week receive leave benefits on a pro-rata basis. Employees working less than 4.5 months annually are not entitled to benefits. Those working less than 20 hours per week are not benefit eligible. Tuition benefits do not apply to part-time employees.

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