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AAMC’s Financial Assistance Program

The Association of American Medical Colleges offers low-income students reduced rates and free resources to ease the burden of medical school applications. If you’re approved, they’ll give you a discounted MCAT fee, complimentary access to the MSAR (a guide to every school), free AAMC/MCAT prep materials and one free application waiver sent to 20 schools. To see if you qualify for the program, click here. You can be awarded Fee Assistance up to five times, which means you have a lot of opportunities to give it a shot.


While an MCAT course may help you prepare for the test, they also have a hefty price tag, often reaching about $5,000 or more. Online options tend to be cheaper than in-person options. There are always deals that companies offer for whichever learning style suits you.

Also, some courses may offer financial assistance or reduced rates for lower-income applicants, such as Next Step Test Prep.

AAMC Content Outline

This AAMC, the company that makes the test, provides an outline of all of the concepts covered on the MCAT. This is an invaluable resource because sometimes testing materials offers too in-depth information.

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Some information adapted from MCAT and How to Apply to Medical School on a Budget by Casey Rayfield from Her