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Telehealth mental health care is available for college students.

Get help for depression, anxiety, ADHD, autism and more with the UNITE Clinic

You can receive mental health services and medication management through telehealth, with online video visits with a licensed mental health professional at zero cost to you.

The UNITE Clinic can help with emotional, behavioral, and neurodevelopmental difficulties, including:

  • Performance anxiety (i.e. test anxiety)
  • Feelings of isolation, sadness or withdrawn behavior
  • Sleep problems (trouble falling asleep, staying asleep or sleeping too much)
  • Relational issues with friends or romantic partners
  • Difficulty coping with stress
  • Adjustment issues with family, work or college
  • Grief and feelings of loss
  • Time management issues
  • Social communication difficulties

Get more information by emailing [email protected] or scanning the QR code.

UNITE clinic QR codeMust be 18 or over and a
full-time student at a
Mississippi public university.
The UNITE Clinic is a
partnership between Alcorn and UMMC.

All services provided by the UNITE Clinic are confidential and free of charge. If medications are prescribed, participants are responsible for prescription costs.