Alcorn launches HBCYou Web site

Alcorn launches HBCYou Web site

Alcorn State University is proud to announce the launch of its Web site – home for diversity news at HBCUs.

“The diversity narrative in higher education typically focuses on majority institutions,” explained Dr. Derek Greenfield, director, Educational Equity and Inclusion at Alcorn. “We would like for this site to serve as a platform for fostering greater understanding and appreciation of diversity and inclusion at HBCUs that focuses and celebrates the tremendous work that is being done at HBCUs.”

Alcorn students Tony Innouvong, Booker Reid and others have been instrumental in the development of the site and getting the word out.

Tony Innouvong, a first year MBA student, played an integral role in creating the Web site and designing technical aspects under the direction of Dr. Greenfield. “Our Web site provides easily accessible resources for people seeking information on diversity. It shows what student life at HBCUs is like.”

Booker Reid, a sophomore majoring in mass communications, who shot some footage and edited it for the Web site, added, “Our goal for the Web site is to reflect how diverse Alcorn and other HBCUs are, how many different backgrounds are represented at these institutions. I enjoyed working on the project because I am an advocate for the idea of HBCUs moving from being just historically black institutions to being great schools for everyone.”

The HBCYou Web site is a continuous project: students, faculty, staff and alumni are highly encouraged to submit stories and videos related to their diversity experiences at Alcorn and other HBCUs.

For more information, contact Dr. Greenfield at [email protected] or 601.877.6700.