Alcorn’s Conservation Research Center receives two federal grants

Alcorn’s Conservation Research Center receives two federal grants

Great news came from the ASU Center for Conservation Research Center: in addition to the ongoing research programs, the Center received two federal grants for the financial years 2012 – 2015. The first grant, for $99,916, was secured from the US Army to conduct conservation research on biofuel crops, and the other – for $498,645 – from the USDA/NIFA to conduct conservation research on melons.

Dr. Girish K. Panicker, associate professor and director of the Center for Conservation Research, serves as principal investigator for both research grants. “Our Center succeeded in developing the first cooperative research and development agreement between Alcorn State University and the U.S. Army.”
He added, “This is the first time C-factor research technology is applied on biofuel crops for erosion prediction, nutrient management and conservation planning, and also to prevent soil erosion and climate change. Once the research is completed, the technology will be applied on U.S. Army’s training lands.”

The research melon is being collaborated with West Virginia State University. Improved and high yielding varieties will be raised at Alcorn and on farm fields in Mississippi for conservation research. Seeds of the highest quality varieties will be collected and distributed throughout the nation in all 50 states via land-grant universities.

Dr. Panicker explained, “The goal of this research program is not only to investigate the effect on melons in conservation farming, but also to help alleviate obesity, one of the most pressing problems in the state of Mississippi.”

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Dr. Panicker.