It's almost time to kick off a new academic semester! What advice would you give incoming freshmen?

It's almost time to kick off a new academic semester, what advice would you give incoming freshmen to make certain that they stay focus and graduate in four years?

five alumni kawanda bell.jpg

Kawanda Bell, Class of 2002, 2005

The advice that I would give to incoming freshmen is make sure that whatever you are majoring in is something that you can see yourself doing in the near future. Also, make sure that this is something that sparks your interest! It's okay to have fun; however, too much of it may throw you off track. Set your goals, work hard to achieve them and remain focused!

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Srdjan Gojkovic, Class of 2006

My advice to the students is this: do not think of your class curriculum as just a grueling task that needs to be done in order to simply pass a course. Think of it as an opportunity to learn something new that will enrich your personality. Even if you think today that a particular class will be irrelevant to your future career, you would be surprised how much more respect and opportunities are given to well-rounded graduates as opposed to those that are only proficient in technical skills.

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Andrew Nicholas Jr., Class of 2009

One piece of advice I would have to give an incoming freshman is to stay consistent and persistent. In four years, your goal is to be the professional that you aspire to be. If you stay consistent with your studies and stay persistent in your pursuit for what you aspire to be, nothing or no one can stop you. Aim high and settle for greatness.

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Ryan Martin, Class of 2010

I would tell the incoming freshman class that in order to graduate on time, you should have constant communication with your department chair and advisor and find an on campus mentor you can speak to for encouragement.

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Jason Palmer, Class of 2010

I would tell incoming freshman to manage their time wisely. College is fun and there will be many opportunities for them to engage in all that college has to offer. However, the main purpose of college is to get an education. Those who manage their studies early in college have more fun in their junior and senior years because they aren't digging themselves out of holes created in their freshman and sophomore years.