Margaret Wolfe’s art displayed in Times Square

When Natchez resident Margaret Wolfe isn’t planning events in the Office of Global Programs, she spends her time creating captivating imagery that recently proved to be good enough to be displayed in “The Big Apple.”

“It was a thrill,” said Wolfe, who is a global specialist in the Office of Global Programs. “Even though I was one of many, it was still cool seeing my art lit up on a skyscraper in Times Square!”

Five of Wolfe’s creations were among a variety of art displayed on a 25 story building in Times Square in New York City on Thursday, July 24 as part of the See.Me. Times Square Takeover, a project put on by the art website that is geared toward showcasing the talents of aspiring artists.

Wolfe specializes in fractal art that she designs using a computer, a skill that she became interested in back in 2008. Fractals are images that are created using mathematical equations and are created with the use of special software, most of which is free. Benoi Mandelbrot, a Polish born French and American mathematician in the 1960s, defined fractal geometry as “rough or fragmented geometric shapes that can be split into parts, each of which is a reduced-size copy of the whole.”

Throughout her life, Wolfe has had a thing for being creative.

“I have always enjoyed artsy things. When I was younger, I sketched, painted, did stain glass, mosaics, macramé, crochet, and needlework.”

Wolfe uses her ability of creating images as a way of combating stress and expression.

“I guess I do use my art as an outlet. Making fractal art helps me deal with stress. I have used it to express myself on several levels and I find it more useful than words sometimes.”

Wolfe gets pleasure out of there being no boundaries in art that would put a strain on her creativity.

“I enjoy the fact that there are no rules. There is no specific definition of what looks good or what constitutes art. I can create just about anything that strikes my fancy and I can play around with it without anyone else’s opinion.