SGA President looks forward to new position

Incoming Student Government Association President and Liberty, Mississippi native Zackeus Johnson’s drive to be successful will get him through what he anticipates to be a busy school year.

“I know that nothing in life comes easy, especially a position such as SGA President,” said Johnson, who majors in agriculture business management. “I will definitely work extremely hard to support and be an advocate for the students at Alcorn. With faith, determination, and hard work I will, along with the Student Government Association, conquer all tasks.”

Johnson’s new position as SGA president requires him to be an ambassador for the student body, administration, alumni and surrounding communities. His primary role is to serve and represent the student body and Alcorn at various college committee meetings, manage delegated tasks for different programs, and execute the provisions of the SGA constitution.

Johnson is excited about being in a position to take the lead and being a voice for the student body.

“It is indeed an honor and privilege to be the newly elected SGA president. I will strive to uphold the university’s name with pride, dignity and respect. I feel that I can communicate, cooperate and bring new ideas to this great institution.”

Johnson’s passion for leadership inspired him to run for one of the highest ranking positions among students.

“I have held many leadership positions at Alcorn since my freshman year. I’ve always enjoyed every second of leading, motivating and representing our students.”

Johnson has a slew of plans for the upcoming school year. His goals are focused on being B.R.A.V.E.; an acronym created by him that stands for “Bridging Relationships And Valuing Excellence.”

“My goals are to elevate the brave pride, teach all students the importance of networking, make sure that the Vicksburg and Natchez campuses are updated on all main campus actions and activities, embrace diversity and recruiting more students. I plan to achieve these goals by collaborating with other organizations and sharing my goals and ideas.”

Johnson is aware of all of the benefits that come with his position.

“Being in such an illustrious position will aid me in gaining a relationship with my colleagues, administration, and alumni for the remainder of my college career. After I graduate, I feel that having those relationships will benefit me in the future as it pertains to jobs, recommendations or returning back to Alcorn to give advice to upcoming SGA leaders.”

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