The Pittman siblings continue Alcorn legacy

Cori and Bethani Pittman have been destined to attend Alcorn State University since they were toddlers.

“I’ve been coming to Alcorn since I was five years old with my family. That makes Alcorn really feel like home,” said Cori, a junior. “We come from a long line of Alcornites. I loved this school before I ever enrolled here,” said Bethani, a freshman.

The Pittman siblings, who are natives of Columbia, Miss., are two peas in a pod. Their equal love for their school along with majoring in the same field, which is agribusiness, shows the powerful bond between them.

“She’s my baby. I put her before any and every other girl. She honestly is my best friend,” said Cori. “Our parents raised us and our younger sister to be best friends. I appreciate our relationship,” said Bethani.

Attending the same university wasn’t forced upon Cori and Bethani. In fact, their parents gave them the freedom to explore other schools and opportunities. Bethani felt that Alcorn was the perfect school for her.

“Our parents have always expressed how they would like for us to make our own decisions. I considered other schools, but Alcorn seemed to be the best fit for me and my career interests.”

Although Cori is the big brother, he gives Bethani the freedom to be her own person without being too protective.

“I don’t feel I have to protect her. I feel as though she can protect herself, but I definetly don’t mind being the enforcer when needed.”

There are benefits to the Pittmans attending college together. For Cori, having his little sister to confide in is very important. In Bethani’s case, being here with Cori has helped her adjust to life on a college campus.

“I enjoy being able to study with her and talking to her. She’s the only person I feel comfortable talking to about anything,” said Cori. “It’s great going to school with my brother. I has made my transition from high school much easier,” said Bethani.

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