Woodrow Price chosen as National Education Association facilitator

For Alcorn State University alum and Vicksburg, Miss. native Woodrow Price, being selected as a leading instructor is a privilege.

“I am honored to have been selected to be a part of a national professional learning community,” said Price, who is a 5th grade teacher at A. W. Watson in Port Gibson, Miss.

The National Education Association (NEA), which represents nearly three million teachers, administrators, and education support professionals, selected Price as a facilitator for the NEA Great Public Schools (GPS) Network. The GPS Network is an online community where teachers, parents, education support professionals, and other community stakeholders can share ideas and resources aimed at improving student success.

Over 1,000 individuals applied to be the inaugural leaders of this new online network. Price and 60 others were selected for their knowledge, ability to facilitate a national discussion, technological skills and commitment to help fellow educators improve their skills to foster student success.

“MAE is proud to have a distinguished educator in our ranks,” said Joyce Helmick, President of the Mississippi Association of Educators in a press release. “Woodrow has distinguished himself as a teacher, a leader in his district, our state and now in the nation. We’re very proud of this young ambitious educator who loves teaching and above all, loves his students.”

Price’s new position will put him in a position to be a better educator comparing innovative ideas with other instructors that will increase the knowledge of today’s youth.

“Being a facilitator will afford me the opportunity to grow individually and professionally. With this position, I am now able to collaborate globally with a group of diverse educators in which we all have the opportunity to learn from each other.”

Making sure students can read on a high level is important to Price. He feels that the issue should be pushed more in order for students to prosper academically.

“Literacy impacts A. W. Watson the most. Literacy is a very important component of the learning process. If it is not tackled early in a child’s educational journey, it will hinder their academic success.”

The role of parents will be important to the success of the students. Price thinks that parent’s participation in educational discussions will help tremendously.

“Parents are very essential in the learning puzzle. In order to be successful in getting parents on board, they must have a seat at the table. We have numerous community and parent outreach programs that are targeting literacy in general.”

Price has faith that his ideas would unlock the untapped potential that his students’ possess.

“The potential I see in my students remind me of a piece of clay soaking up the moisture (knowledge) of its surroundings to be sculpted into something great.”

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