Alcorn Saturday Science Academy scheduled to tour Grand Gulf Nuclear Station

Members of Alcorn State University’s Saturday Science Academy will go on an educational tour that will expose students to the world of science.

The academy’s youth will be going on an educational tour Saturday, March 21 at Entergy’s Grand Gulf Nuclear Station in Port Gibson, Miss. The program is designed to inspire and develop the interests of 5th-9th grade middle and junior high school students from Claiborne and Jefferson counties in the sciences and mathematics. The students explore the applications of biology, chemistry, physics, technology and advanced mathematics through hands-on, experimental learning processes in university laboratories and on educational trips.

Angela Wynn, office manager for the Saturday Science Academy, hopes that the tour peaks the students’ interest in a future career in the science or mathematics field.

“We hope that this trip will open the students’ eyes and minds to various parts of science, mathematics and technology,” said Wynn. “We also hope that the students will obtain an understanding of the importance, structure, and function of the Grand Gulf facility. This will allow the children to learn about different professions, ideas and opportunities when they travel outside of their own neighborhood.”

Wynn said the trip will be beneficial to the kids by showing them the daily functions of a nuclear plant and letting them experience science and mathematics outside of the classroom.

“It will benefit the students by showing them what a nuclear power plant is, how it functions, its purpose, how it is maintained, who it services, and the areas involved to make it a cohesive, functioning unit. By our students visiting this educational facility, they learn in a more hands-on and interactive manner than they do in school."

Due to the world’s technological advances, Wynn expressed the significance of students being active in learning the sciences, mathematics and technology.

“In today’s society, science, mathematics, and technology are integrated. Introducing our current students to science, mathematics, and technological career opportunities and getting them engaged and excited about seeking advanced schooling in these areas is essential to meeting the needs of a changing society.”

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