Alcorn nursing students give advice to future students

Students from Alcorn State University’s School of Nursing program visited the Lorman campus to inform prospective nursing students on what they should expect from nursing school.

Five nursing students, along with enrollment and recruitment coordinator for the School of Nursing Debbie Mizell, answered questions posed to them by students who will soon start their journey to becoming nurses. Among the variety of topics discussed were study habits. Nursing student Dana Hill explained the importance of practicing good study habits and adjusting to a nursing school style of studying.

“When studying for nursing classes, make sure that you highlight your information so that you would know the content of your books,” said Hill. “It would be best to read and highlight the whole chapter and determine what would be important enough to be on your test.”

One of the future students asked about the Dosage Calculation Test, which is a math exam that tests the students’ ability to give the right dosage of medication to patients. Nursing student Amarri Robinson calmed the crowd by revealing that the test isn’t as complicated as their peers said it would be.

“The test is not as scary as people make it seem,” said Robinson. “We have classes during regular class hours and after hours that prepares students for the exam. By the time you're ready to take the test, you would be prepared because of all of the prep work you would have done. The test is very important, but it's not very hard.”

Nursing student Courtney Thompson explained to the audience why they should keep all of their books instead of selling them. She also elaborated on managing school and having a job.

“When it comes to books, buy and keep them because you may need them for a class in the future. One strategy you could use is buying books from graduating seniors,” said Thompson. “Being employed while attending school is doable, but it will come down to how you manage your time. If you have a job, it would be best to study your material before you go to work. That way, you wouldn’t have to worry about studying when your shift ends.”

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