Dr. Alfred Rankins Jr. inaugurated as Alcorn State University’s 19th President

The Alcorn State University Presidential Inaugural events concluded with faithful Alcornites convening to watch Dr. Alfred Rankins Jr. accept the role as the University's president.

Alcorn State University inaugurated Dr. Alfred Rankins Jr. at the Investiture Ceremony Friday, April 17 at the Davey L. Whitney HPER Complex. About 500 students, faculty, staff and alumni came out to support Dr. Rankins as he made his mark in Alcorn history.

Dr. Rankins gave thanks to those who have supported him on his journey to becoming Alcorn’s president.

“I am truly honored to have the opportunity to lead my alma mater,” said Rankins. “I am sincerely grateful for your presence and support. I have been blessed to work with some remarkable individuals, all who have played an important role in my being here today.”

Dr. Rankins assured his fellow Alcornites that under his tenure as president, the University would possess the strength to go above and beyond to meet the challenges that may arise.

“We are not immune to challenges, but we are equipped to overcome challenges that comes our way. All that we do at Alcorn must come down to how we recruit and graduate students. Students keep the doors of the University open. As president, students will be the focal point.”

Dr. Rankins introduced his initiative called FACES, which is an acronym for facilities advancement, academic excellence, customer service, enrollment growth, and student success. The initiative is a foundation that Dr. Rankins created to ensure the progress of Alcorn and its students.

“These principles are our path to continue excellence at Alcorn. Students have choices. With FACES as our guide, we will make it clear to current and prospective students that Alcorn is the right choice for them.”

United States Senator Roger Wicker spoke highly of Dr. Rankins’ ability to lead Alcorn State University to success.

“We invest Alcorn State University’s future to a team led by Dr. Rankins,” said Wicker. “Dr. Rankins is a leader who has a resume that is impressive. This historic institution is in good hands.”

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